The project is located in Archontiko, a seaside residential area in close proximity to Kalamata. The intervention concerned the creation of three seperate vacation apartments in an existing incomplete structure from the 70s that presented multiple chronological phases and additions. Invoking the area’s historical past of piracy, the concept of this proposal was built around the notion of the fort house. The lack of uniformity was embraced and further enhanced to produce soft contradictions and variations of nuances. The materials used reflect the project’s privileged position, with mosaic tiles resembling sea pebbles and earthly toned plaster walls linking it with its surrounding natural pallete. The proportions and the design of the facades aim in putting together a unique and dinstinct character for the project.

Date: 2022 | Location: Archodiko Avias, Messenia, Greece | Type: Residential | Area: 150m^2 | Status: Under Construction | Marianthi Papangelopoulou, Antonis Papangelopoulos | Civil Engineer: ConstructCo, Kalamata