Plain House


TAF House is a proposal for an urban detached house which consists of two levels and a basement. A core consideration was the project’s relation to the neighbouring buildings as well as seeking a floor plan solution based on efficiency. A vertical line which is emphatically expressed at the main façade divides the plan to core and auxilliary spaces. Moreover, the interior’s arrangements that follow this vertical axis along with the building’s orientation improve air circulation and introduce controlled permeability to light.

The house is articulated as a single volume -approximately a cube- following principles of simplicity, while the main façade’s organization corresponds to the plan, creating thus three rectangular shapes, two of which are assigned to covered oudoor spaces, while the third one hosts a generous opening towards the staircase. The two lateral façades remain mostly closed, therefore filtering views from and to neighbooring properties, allowing thus a degree of privacy.

Year: 2019 | Location: Velina, Corinthia, Greece | Type: Residential | Area: 110 m² | Status: Architectural Study | Team: Marianthi Papangelopoulou, Antonis Papangelopoulos